Geothermal Services in Prospect, Connecticut

People have come to rely on certain modern conveniences these days. Having readily available heating and air conditioning is one of the most common. Virtually endless supplies of hot running water certainly fall into that category. Of course, considering the continually rising costs of those conveniences, quite a few people may be considering the prospect of giving them up for good.

If only there was a way to harness the power of the Earth to help keep us comfortable and happy. As it turns out, there is. geothermal energy solutions allow us to do just that. With geothermal energy, people can tap into heat generated by the planet itself to keep their homes warm or cool and even power their water heaters. If this sounds like something you may be interested in, keep reading to learn more.


What Is Geothermal Energy?

As mentioned, geothermal services in Prospect entail using energy from the Earth to heat homes and water among other tasks. By installing underground pipe systems, people can direct heat from the ground into their homes. Though outside temperatures can fluctuate a great deal, those just ten feet or so below the Earth’s surface generally hover at 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. That constant temperature can help keep the temperature and humidity levels in your home at comfortable levels.

Several types of geothermal systems are available right now. Some draw heat from the ground whereas others rely on water sources to glean their power. Certain systems can even provide both heating and cooling. Those that are equipped with cooling features draw heat out of homes while using the Earth’s own heat to generate cool air. Geothermal heat can be piped to water heaters for a consistent supply of hot water as well.


What Are the Benefits of Geothermal Heating?

Using geothermal energy can provide many benefits for homeowners in Connecticut and beyond. As mentioned, the Earth offers a constant supply of natural heat. That means a geothermal system eliminates the risks of running out of gas or firewood in the middle of a cold snap. It doesn’t rely on the availability of sunlight the way solar systems do, either. That’s only the tip of the iceberg, though.



Another advantage of geothermal energy is its sustainability. It’ll never run out, and it doesn’t require an ongoing supply of fossil fuel to remain up and running. Though geothermal systems’ blowers and other components use electricity, they use far less than other HVAC systems. All those factors come together to place geothermal energy among the most sustainable sources of heat, air conditioning, and other comforts.


Environmental Friendliness

Geothermal energy is also environmentally friendly. Since it doesn’t use gas or wood, it doesn’t require nonrenewable resources to operate. It simply uses the Earth’s continually regenerating supply of internal heat. It doesn’t produce an abundance of harmful emissions, either. Geothermal systems are among the most efficient types of heating and cooling solutions, too. Few types of systems are as environmentally friendly as geothermal heat.



Many people find geothermal systems more affordable than other types of heating and cooling. Sources indicate that geothermal services can lead to savings of up to 70 percent on heating costs and as much as 50 percent on cooling compared to the alternatives. Though some geothermal systems require more upfront investment, owners report that they more than recoup the costs over time in energy savings.


Low Maintenance

Geothermal systems require less maintenance than their counterparts as well. Most HVAC systems last an average of 15 years though they can hold out for a bit longer with ongoing maintenance. Geothermal systems are said to last much longer. Their heat pumps often last 25 years or so while their underground piping systems can last for up to 50 years. That’s another way owners can save money on geothermal systems.


Bringing Geothermal Energy into Your Home

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Homeowners have a long list of heating and air conditioning systems. Some are more effective and efficient than others. Geothermal energy is rapidly gaining steam because of its many benefits. From sustainability and affordability to versatility and reduced maintenance requirements, it offers numerous advantages.