Are you proactive or reactive with your overall home maintenance and upgrades? Although the top concerns when buying a new home are the plumbing, electrical and roof when they hire a home inspector…oddly enough most people don’t even think of regular plumbing inspections and maintenance. Most people think of plumbers as somebody that resolves issues after they happen.

Did you know that our licensed plumbing technicians will perform a free home inspection with the purchase of repair or new installation?

What are the benefits of a plumbing inspection?

First off, rather than waiting for the leak, flood, clog or replacement of pipes, water heater, etc…why not make sure all of your systems are running smoothly today?

A Hope Plumbing free plumbing inspection includes (and is not limited to); a close examination of your drains, piping, supply lines and a wide variety of plumbing fixtures in your home and or building. Essentially, anything that has to do with the flow of water will be inspected. Our licensed plumbing technicians check for clogs, leaks, cracks, corrosion, drainage issues and all areas where common issues occur.

Reality is, upon scheduling a free home plumbing inspection, you will rule out hidden issues and most importantly, prevent irreversible damages and non-budgetted repair costs.

Upon hiring Hope Plumbing for a repair or installation, our licensed technicians will offer to schedule a free home inspection. Below, please find six (6) benefits to our free home inspection:


Sure, some of us are DIY’ers, but complex plumbing issues are challenging to find. In many cases, by the time you actually find a crack in a pipe it is too late. Something as simply weak water pressure can cost thousands of dollars in damages to your home.

Plumbing inspections allow you to be proactive versus reactive. Not only will you receive a list of upcoming fixes, we will help you prioritize what needs immediate attention versus what can wait another few years. During the inspection, if an issue is spotted, our licensed technician can fix the issue on the spot. Our high-tech equipment gives us an ideal visual inspection into pipes behind walls, underground or that literally unreachable. Ultimately, we identify deep rooted problems in your plumbing before it happens.


Lack of maintenance or worse yet, unresolved plumbing problems often lead to expensive damages as well as the replacement/installation of new systems. As an example, a water leak can result into mold issues, mildew behind your walls, termite problems, rusting pipes, rotten wood and electrical issues.  Water is meant to stay in the pipes, drains and when they end up in your home, walls or basements, the repair costs span well beyond plumbing such as furniture, floors, appliances and much more.

Worse yet, unexpected plumbing issues can catch you at a time when finances are tight. By scheduling an annual plumbing inspection, you become aware of potential and existing issues before they occur. Hope Plumbing offers 24/7/375 emergency plumbing services in Connecticut, however the cost of the services is higher than pre-scheduled repair and installation services. Our goal with the plumbing inspection is to help you avoid ever having to call for emergency plumbing services.


Plumbing involves water and everything that goes down the drain. For anyone that has experienced unbearable smells emitting from your plumbing knows the importance of regularly scheduled inspections.

While some choose to go with the unlimited air freshener fix to conceal smells, the plumbing issue remains unresolved. The day the reason for the smell finally occurs, becomes an absolute nightmare, not just from the smell, but from the expense to finally repair the issue. Let Hope Plumbing help you to avoid this nightmare.


As we mentioned earlier, upon purchasing a new home, one of the key factors of moving forward is the home inspection…with an emphasis to check the plumbing. Not only will you enjoy your home when all water systems are functioning optimally, the value of your home increases as well. A licensed plumbing technician has the expertise to make suggestions for ideal enhancements around your home. Hope Plumbing will provide basic options, such as, leak sealing, drain cleaning all the way to upgrades for tankless water heaters and water filtration systems.

In certain situations, our plumbing technicians will suggest that you upgrade fixtures in older homes. Bottom line, plumbing inspections aren’t just about finding problems, we also take the time to layout possible upgrades for efficiencies, comfort, space, safety and overall quality of living.


No surpise that when your plumbing isn’t working optimally, your water use is also inefficient. Plumbing inspections not only save you money on repairs, allow you to upgrade your home, but they also reduce expensive utility bills.

A household with a solid plumbing system is more comfortable and more efficient.


Reality is, some plumbing issues are simply a hassle to deal with but other problems can create serious health issues. Corrosive pipes can be harmful to you and your family, especially if too much lead gets into the water or leaks into the floors and mold begins to build up.

The good news is, having a licensed plumbing technician from Hope Plumbing to perform a free home inspection will identify and eliminate these potential issues.

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