Finding yourself in an emergency plumbing situation is not fun for anybody. Yet when it comes to frozen pipes, flooding, backed up sewage, or having no running water, you can always count on Home Plumbing to show up promptly. However, it’s key to know the dos and don’ts of an emergency situation, if you want our experienced Prospect CT plumbers to be effective.

DO Call a Professional Right Away if…

When it comes to emergency plumbing, the name of the game is speed. From leaks that threaten to ruin equipment, to burst pipes or frozen pipes, to rings and precious possessions that have fallen down the drain, the sooner you act, the quicker we can get there. We promise, when you call Hope Plumbing in an emergency, we will respond promptly and do everything in our power to resolve the issue.

DON’T Attempt to Solve the Problem on Your Own when…

DIY plumbing is fine for small fixes, emergency plumbing situations require the expertise of a qualified and licensed professional. All of our plumbers are drug tested, background checked, uniformed, wear protective booties over their boots, yet, most importantly, are licensed and insured. While attempting to deal with a main line clog or sewer line is backup on your own might seem doable to save a few bucks, in most cases, you will only make the problem worse.

DO Keep Your Family or Employees Away from Affected Areas…

Never let your children, family, friends or co-workers near an overflowing sewage or flooded basement as it can be a significant health risk. After you call one of Hope Plumbing’s licensed and insured plumber to address the problem, you should keep everyone in your house at a safe distance, and in some cases, evacuate your home and or business.

DO NOT Use Store-Bought Chemical Drain Cleaners

While it seems tempting to purchase a $15 drain cleaner to eliminate your clog, these chemicals are not safe for you or your pipes/plumbing. In addition, when you use chemical drain cleaners, they are often ineffective which ends up having the chemicals sit on top of the clog. This means that the more the clog builds, the more you risk a nasty back-up that’s also filled with dangerous chemicals, not to mention that the chemicals can erode your pipes. With serious clogs, call a licensed and insured plumber at Hope Plumbing.

Hope Plumbing provides polite, licensed and insured plumbers, we are here for you!

With our 24/7 emergency plumbing services, you can trust Hope Plumbing to get the job done no matter how bad things seem. Call today for a full range of our plumbing solutions, and don’t forget to ask about our pricing and financing options.

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